M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center would like to thank C&H Rigging for the work recently completed for the Cord Blood Bank (CBB). C&H Rigging was outstanding from the conception .......

C&H uses many different types of equipment to do the job right. As innovations in technology create new and exciting rigging challenges, C&H Rigging welcomes the chance to show you and your company that we can adapt and overcome obstacles that each and every job presents. For example:
  • C&H Rigging has available forklifts with the range of 5,000# to 40,000# capacity.
  • State of the art multi-wheel neoprene skates to protect your floors and equipment.
  • Hydraulic port-powers to safely lift your machine for movement.
  • Manual or hydraulic gantry systems where a crane is not accessible to move your equipment.

By using these various types of lifting devices, C&H can move your machinery without damaging the equipment or compromising the structural integrity of the flooring. C&H Rigging takes all necessary pre-cautions to protect our customers' facilities and investments.


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