M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center would like to thank C&H Rigging for the work recently completed for the Cord Blood Bank (CBB). C&H Rigging was outstanding from the conception .......


Referrals are the ultimate compliment we receive, so much so, referrals account for almost every customer we have. To us, customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal, it’s a promise, and it’s what keeps us going. This is the short list:

Goodman Manufacturing Co.
C&H Rigging has been responsible for all the equipment installations, relocation of presses to 600 ton, expanders, fin presses etc.

Toshiba America Medical
Complete installations of all types of medical equipment. CT. Scanners, MRI, Nuclear Cameras, Etc. C&H Rigging has traveled out of state to handle the extremely fragile medical equipment.

Reed Instruments
A leader in the aerospace industry. C&H Rigging has installed state of the art metal working machines they use to supply NASA with components for their space program.

Getinge USA
A major manufacturer in medical sterilization equipment. C&H Rigging has installed numerous sterilizers and washers in the Southwest Texas Region.

Sandvik Cormant
Rice University
MD Anderson Hospital Systems
BF Power Solutions
Bud Griffith & Associates
ITD Precision
St. Lukes Hospital

Houston Intercontinental Airport


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